The Hidden Real Estate Market…Plus 3 Things You Need to Know…


So just what is going on in the San Diego real estate market? Well, it is interesting to say the least! The 3 things I see happening are as follows:

  1. Prices are trending up. There is fierce competition out there, especially in the entry level price points. Do your homework, have your loan in place, and hire an ultra-aggressive REALTOR to represent you!
  2. Inventory is still down. But homes are selling! Don’t get caught up in the drama, just keep your eye on the ball and you will find the right home.
  3. Interest rates are still low…but trending up. If you are getting a mortgage, it may be a good idea to lock your interest rate. Your loan officer can help you with that. Don’t get priced out of the market and miss out on the great rates out there.

OK, I have a couple more observations to share based on market data. A recent report courtesy of Altos Research, shows exactly what is going on in certain segments of the market. This report looks at the market in quartiles, which represents the 25% most expensive, upper middle, lower middle, and least expensive homes in the marketplace. In looking at the lower two segments, you’ll see what you get for the money.  In the lower middle segment you will get a home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1500 square feet , about 50 years old for around $455,000. In the least expensive segment, what do you think you get?  Pretty much the same thing with one exception…it will cost you about $175,000 less!

Guys, these are the sort of things you can capitalize on to get the best deal. Even if you qualify for a $450,000 home, that doesn’t mean you can’t find something just as good for $325,000, right? Same thing happens with the upper middle segment compared to the lower middle. A very similar home in the lower middle costs $200,000 less! No matter how you slice it, that’s a great deal! Take time to learn the market. If you’d like to have access to this type of information on a weekly basis, delivered right to your inbox, then just visit our web site and click on the “How’s the Market Today” link. You can select cities and zip codes all across the country. Then, when ready to start looking, give one of our great agents a call to get inside!


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