Early morning thoughts…

sprinklers 6:00 AM.  The sound of my sprinklers wakes me up.  Kitchen.  Coffee.  Paper.  Yes, I still enjoy reading the local rag.  Just something about holding an actual paper while sipping coffee and getting the local angle.  I step out onto my deck to see what section of the yard is getting wet.  The garden?  Cool, let’s go see if any new tomatoes or peppers are sprouting.  Coffee still in hand I wander down, watch the pool sweep for a minute, how does it know where to go?  The birds are chirping, sun is shining, another great summer day.

When I became a homeowner this is exactly what I had in mind.  My own space.  The ability to decide where to put MY stuff…in MY place.  Sure, it’s a big deal to own a home, but we need to remember that home-ownership is not just about how well your investment is doing financially, but how well YOU are doing because you have a place to call your own.  The understanding that you worked your ass off to have this place just makes it all that much sweeter.  That’s what being a homeowner is really all about.  The little things that make up each day…in your home.

deckBack to the deck.  Grab a seat, open the business page, more coffee?  The sun is coming up over the trees now.  The hummingbirds are jockeying for position at the feeder, and the sprinklers are on their last cycle.  Deep breath.  Sit back and just listen.  Early morning thoughts.  Perhaps the best one’s of the day.  I wonder what tomorrow morning will bring?