Time for change…

KellerWilliams_Realty_Sec_Logo_RGB-revSpring time…the time of re-newel.  A time for change, growth, and opportunity.  And for me a big step in a new direction.  As of today I am proud to announce I am the new Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty in La Mesa.  This is an added bonus because I live in La Mesa…like 5 minutes away!  That’s huge because most of my career has been spent in larger regional and statewide management roles that often required travel.  I like to travel, but with a young family it can take a toll.  Who wants to miss softball and soccer games, and piano recitals?  I live for that stuff man.  So this move represents a sort of homecoming for me.  There are over 100 agents in the office, many I have known for years.  That’s a cool thing because I get to reconnect with old colleagues and meet some great (and productive) agents I did not know.  I always loved that part of this business, building relationships and getting to hang with some cool people.

There is work to be done here.  A kind of re-launch if you will.  This market center was one of the first KW offices in the San Diego region and has a great history.  But like many real estate companies, it struggled over the past few years.  The good news is this team is primed for growth and willing to step up and make some great things happen.  The goal is nothing short of market domination and continuing the tradition of serving our clients and each other at the highest level possible.

I have been keen on KW for a few years, having met with some key players in S. California.  Timing and geography always seemed to come into play, so being in my hometown makes this even more special.  Keller Williams has a long history of helping agents “Build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.”  I’m excited to now be a part of that.  Being able to affiliate with the largest real estate company in North America, and soon the world, has its advantages after all.  More than that however, is knowing that because KW is a company of systems and models, I get to share that with others and impact people on a daily basis.  And that’s what gets me up and going each day.

I’d love for you to reach out and connect to learn more about why I made this change.  If you are open to learning more about Keller Williams Realty you can visit:  http://redcareers.com/lamesa for information and to connect with me.  I look forward to hearing from you and here’s to a fantastic 2014.