Lead Generation Law #3: Communicate with your database in a systematic way

Commune  Welcome back.  I have gotten some great feedback and comments on the first two parts of the lead generation laws and I wanted to say thanks!  I always appreciate comments and feedback so keep it coming.

Now that you have built your database and are feeding it with contacts, it’s time to move to the next step which is communicating with your contacts in an effective manner.  In the last post I talked about the importance of creating groups for your contacts.  Well, this is where that will pay off.  Because you grouped your contacts you now have a systematic method from which to begin.  You can now create specific messaging for each group and that will help you establish top of mind perspective in these potential clients.  And that is a constant battle, staying top of mind.  According to the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, 76% of sellers have one agent in mind and 16% have two.  On the flip side, 59% of buyers have one agent in mind and 22% have two.  So the question is, “How do you become one of those top two agents in your prospects mind?”  Simply put, you have to create targeted messages to each group based on their needs.

Remember, it’s a numbers game.  Top agents know that when it comes to lead generation the quality is in the quantity.  They constantly feed the machine and target market to their groups.  Your lead generation is like a wheel.  You are the hub and you have spokes shooting out.  Each spoke represents a lead source or in this case a target group.  You have the FSBO’s, the expireds, the open house leads, buyer leads, sign calls, etc.  Each group must have a targeted message based on their needs.  And those messages must be delivered consistently.  As an example, I coach agents on what we call the 8×8 system.  The 8×8 is an 8 week contact plan that utilizes various methods of contact including letters, calls, e-mails, etc.  It is designed to create that “mind share” perspective so you are positioned as one of those top two spots I mentioned earlier.  Again, it’s a systematic way to connect 8 times over an 8 week period.

Communication       You also need to focus in on all the different ways you can connect.  I like to use the “in kind” method.  If someone calls you, you call them back.  If they text, you respond by text.  If they e-mail, you reply via e-mail.  That will most likely develop later and your initial communications will be phone, letter, postcard, etc.  But don’t underestimate how your leads want to be communicated with.  Sometimes it’s a generational thing so remember the Platinum Rule of treating others how they want to be treated!  One other aspect I want to point out is that your messaging should primarily be focused on building a listings based business.  That is a huge creative angle you can exploit because research shows that if your lead generation program consistently delivers listings, you can count on marketing those listings and create a steady stream of buyers organically through the marketing of those listings.

As always, I’ll wrap up saying again, my job as the Team Leader/Chief Business Strategist at Keller Williams in La Mesa is to help you accomplish your goals.  So why not start today by reaching out to me to set up a business analysis and planning session to get you heading in the right direction?  I’ll be back next week with the 4th and final Law of Lead Generation and until then have a great weekend!


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Selling skills required…even at a garage sale

So we had a yard sale recently. You know the drill…get up at 5:00 am and drag all of your crap into the driveway and wait for the madness! Put ads on Craigslist, post to Twitter and Facebook, say it starts at 7:00 and see cars arrive at 6:00. Why oh why?

Funny thing is we made a killing…well at least enough for my wife’s deposit on a girls trip to Turkey next year…but there was a reason we did so well. My wife can sell!

She has spent 15 years parenting our three kids so her negotiation skills are top notch, but the truth is she just loves to sell. The talking, haggling, banter, she loves it all. I’m not to shabby myself and it struck me that the two of us make a pretty good team.

We pulled a few hundred dollars that day, mostly off of the .50 items and had a great time. It got me thinking about how much I enjoy the “Lifestyle of Real Estate.” The fact that you get back what you put in. That it’s all up to me and my efforts. It’s not for most but for those of you that LOVE it…it’s a pretty damn good gig…If you can sell!